Incorporate AI into Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made headlines when it comes to in-home use, but Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and countless other AI programs provide benefits beyond just turning on lights and changing the channel. If you’re ready to take the plunge and begin incorporating AI into your business, there’s many ways you can do so.

Website & Marketing
Your website is a perfect location for incorporating a few simple bots, such as a chatbot. These bots can be customized to provide responses to frequently asked questions by users and provide a funnel to you and your email marketing campaigns.

In addition, many social media platforms have also begun to incorporate bots - such as Facebook. Users may now set up autoresponders and encourage fans to opt in to receive messages from their business page. These new tools are great for building your email list as well as boosting your response time.

Standalone Bots
Amazon’s Alexa has quickly dominated the market - even commercials are testing the limits by triggering Alexa at home. Alexa, and other similar standalone bots, are useful in more ways than just at home however. Many of their typical use cases can be implemented in the office, but beyond that they provide a wealth of knowledge that users can quickly tap into. For basic level tasks, standalone bots provide a great way to trigger reminders, set notifications, access information, and help keep your office in tune with security features and convenience.

Built In Cell Phone AI
There’s one tool you likely carry around everywhere you go - your cell phone. If you’re not already utilizing the smart features built into your smartphone, you may be missing out. Siri, Hello Google, and countless other built in AI features provide many of the same benefits as a standalone AI bot, but have the added convenience of being accessible even when away from the office. Best of all, many of these AI bots can be linked to one another - providing an even further reach and almost limitless benefits for small or large businesses.

Industry Specific
One thing many of the above Artificial Intelligence bots lack is the industry specific (YOUR industry) knowledge and mandatory tasks. While many of the above bots provide plenty of perks for your day-to-day basic operations, look beyond these bots for operations that are more niche. Fortunately, the growing demand for AI is also providing a growing platform for companies to produce AI specific to your needs.

For example, here at i2x we’re proud to introduce you to Lea, if you’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her yet. By utilizing artificial intelligence, Lea provides legal professionals the ability to easily track and maintain client time and expense data, appointments, reports, and more, all with the push of a button. To learn more about Lea, view our official press release here.