Tjeerd Mulder
Chief Technology Officer

Tjeerd Mulder is based out of Tallahassee, FL. Originally from the Netherlands, Tjeerd relocated to Tallahassee in 2001 where he led the development efforts on the Aderant Expert Time product line among other Aderant Expert projects for over 15 years. Tjeerd is a strong architect, with software engineering and project management skills. Tjeerd enjoys keeping up to date with the latest technologies, architectures and patterns.

At i2x, Tjeerd assists with providing full business and technology services to clients, which includes the industries of Education, Legal, Medical and Receiverships. Tjeerd spearheads the DevOps team with services that include data migration and transformation, system migrations, cloud and office 365 migrations, SSRS, Aderant Expert professional services, and many more. Tjeerd develops new applications using modern enterprise scale distributed architectures. In addition, he develops web based system uses the most modern and fast web technologies, fully secured, and all cloud based.

When not at the office, Tjeerd enjoys spending time with his three active kids. In addition, he can regularly be found biking and enjoying time outdoors.