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Meet i2x

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i2x is a full service business and technology consulting organization aimed at helping your business succeed. We have built our company on one simple philosophy…reduce complex problems to simple solutions. Whether you want to improve your business, connect two systems, or build an app, we can help. Upgrades, customizations, reports, custom integration, apps...we leverage our tech and business knowledge to solve your problems.

Here's how we can help:

How We Work

We use a four-step approach, mix in plenty of communication and creativity, and bake to perfection.

We see your problems through your eyes, on your terms, and with your obstacles.  By listening, asking questions, and walking through everyday examples, we identify the true nature of your problems.

We build mock-ups, documents, and whiteboard to help you visualize the solution before we begin working.  By presenting you with “blueprints”, you know where we are going and we know the work to be done.

We build, move, and construct your solution with programs, coding, and tools.  Being engineers at heart, this is where we shine, producing the best solution for you, your budget, and your industry.  No one size fits all here, just the right size for you.

Once complete, we install, setup, and maintain the solution for you.  Put it in the cloud or on your server, you get working right out of the box.  When you need changes or updates, we are always there to keep you running.