Cookies and Similar Tracking Technologies

We're excited about your interest in privacy. We know privacy is important so we have created this page to detail what data we store, why we collect it, and how we collect it. We also provide the available methods to limit such collection and use of this data should you wish to do so.

Just To Let You Know...

i2x Solutions does not use any collected data to personally identify a visitor to the i2x website (, nor does it use the data collected to discriminate by race, age, culture, ethnicity, geography, gender identity, or religious belief. The data collected is intended to be as close to anonymous and secure as reasonably possible; we are not interested in personally identifying a visitor of the website (none of the data collected by a visitor is directly sold to a third party).

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file, created by a website, that stores information about your visit to that website. Cookies are typically used to store information such as language preference, cookie consent, shopping carts, and website activity (e.g., what page a visitor has gone to). These files are stored only on the device you use to access the website; if you visit this website on another device, you will be asked again to give cookies consent. Each website that has previously stored cookies on your device only has access to the cookies it has stored itself from prior sessions.

Why Do We Use Cookies (and Other Data Collection?)

In some situations it’s especially beneficial for the visitor to have cookies created, and in some of those cases it can even be “strictly necessary.” For the i2x website, the only strictly necessary cookies we store without given permission is to tell whether you have given us consent to store other cookies.

The rest of the cookies and data stored/collected are used to help improve the website user experience and i2x’s outreach. We use these other cookies and data to see statistics like whether someone clicks on one of our LinkedIn Ads that link to the website, page popularity, visitor interactions, and what type of devices are used to visit the website. This helps i2x immensely, but as it is not strictly necessary, it is your choice as a visitor to grant (or deny) us permission to store/collect this data.

Other data that may be collected is from “Contact Us form submissions” (on /contact-us). This information is used solely for the purpose of contacting a form submitter back and is only collected when a visitor inputs their details and clicks “Send”. Although the data collected may be very similar, you are always free to email us directly if you would rather communicate through different means.

What Data is stored?

Table listing each cookie used on this website
Name Source Expiration
i2x_website_cookies_acceptance i2x solutions 1 year
lang linkedin Session
U linkedin (adsymptotic) 3 months
lidc linkedin 24 hours
s_sq linkedin (adobe) Session
s_tslv linkedin (adobe) 6 months
s_plt linkedin (adobe) Session
gpv_pn linkedin (adobe) 6 months
AMCVS_14215E3D5995C57C0A495C55%40AdobeOrg linkedin (adobe) Session
liap linkedin 1 year
lang linkedin Session
s_ips linkedin (adobe) 2 Years
s_pltp linkedin (adobe) Session
aam_uuid linkedin (adobe) 30 days
bcookie linkedin 2 years
s_cc linkedin (adobe) Session
s_tp linkedin (adobe) 2 years
_guid linkedin 90 days
AMCV_14215E3D5995C57C0A495C55%40AdobeOrg linkedin (adobe) 180 days
lms_analytics linkedin 30 days
UserMatchHistory linkedin 30 days
s_ppv linkedin (adobe) Session
AnalyticsSyncHistory linkedin 30 days
lms_ads linkedin 30 days
li_sugr linkedin 90 days
_ga google 2 years
_ga_* google 2 years

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this table as services change over time, please consult the privacy policies in How Is Data Collected for the most recent information.

How Is Data Collected?

The i2x website uses Google Tag Manager to manage the trackers used. The current active trackers used are Google Analytics and LinkedIn Insight Tags. This website is hosted by Webflow; Webflow claims to store no cookies or visitor data by themselves. For more information on each of these services, please consult the respective privacy policies below:

- Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
- LinkedIn Insight Tags
- Webflow

How Can I Disable or Remove Cookies?

You always have the option to disable (or reenable) cookies with our provided buttons.

If you prefer to manage cookies straight through your browser, we’ve provided some guides below.

- Google Chrome
- Safari (mac)
- Safari (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
- Microsoft Edge
- Mozilla Firefox
- Samsung Internet

Any Further Information...

We want to be as clear as we can with you about your privacy; if you have any additional questions, concerns, or requests about data collection on the i2x website, please contact us at