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More and more businesses are adopting technology and adapting existing systems at ever greater speeds.  This is largely driven by advances in technology, but is also pushed by forward-thinking executives finding ways to utilize emerging technology to benefit their business. This has come in the shape of equipment purchases, software licenses, training, etc. all generally aimed at increasing production or decreasing expense.  While there are direct tangible benefits to these additions, they also require management and work.  Whether its implementation and setup, inventory management, or other operational concerns, for each benefit there is some cost.  However, each technology addition can also present new opportunities for efficiency gains.  Balancing the costs, benefits, and emerging needs requires one to marry business, technology, and trends.  “Knowing tech” isn’t the only requirement these days.

At i2x, we are uniquely positioned to help as we understand technology AND business.  Through years of working across industry and company sizes, we have learned many common lessons.  The most important is that behind each business is a story, a story about where the company is and where it wants to go.  Listening to this story, from you and your ‘lieutenants’, allows us to see the business from your eyes. With those details, we can couple your story with our experience and can quickly see problems, identify solutions, and make recommendations.  In this way we become not just another technology vendor, but a partner, helping you squeeze the most out of your technology investments.
"We have found the i2x team to be exceptionally responsive, incredibly reliable, and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for excellent IT support services at a realistic price."
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Recurring training for all employees
Recorded videos with pass-fail quizzes
Tracking and logging of each session
Courses can be tailored to your general industry
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Included anti-virus protection for each covered device
Real-time and scheduled scans
Web browser and site security
Immediate threat notifications
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unlimited helpdesk

Remote, phone, or face-to-face support
Unlimited help desk calls via phone, email, text, or other messaging system
Printer network and config support
24-hour guaranteed response time
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cloud or on-prem

Cloud servers and services are managed
On-premises servers and services are managed
Virtual and physical servers are managed
Coordinated backup and recovery management
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free assessment

User/asset listing report
Employee to asset mapping
Network diagram/system report
Employee hire/exit process review
Records retention process review
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auto updates

Covered systems monitored for updates
Updates to operating systems automatically applied
Updates to anti-virus automatically applied
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reports and

Review Microsoft 365 SPAM filters for mail flow issues
Review service outages and interruptions
Review and prepare new features
Monthly reports
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and control

Microsoft 365 monitoring and assistance
Workstation/user/server monitor/manage
One free Microsoft 365 conversion/review

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