Bryan Gibson
Owner + Principal

Bryan Gibson relocated to Tallahassee, FL in 1997 to attend Florida State University, where he graduated with an honors degree from the school of Information Technology. While working at a local restaurant he met Mackenzie. After graduation the two wed, bought their first house, and started a family. Tallahassee has remained a constant in their lives as it is a great city to raise a family while offering a mix of affordability, business growth and amenities. When not hard at work, the Gibsons can be spotted supporting the Seminoles, tailgating or cheering the team on from the stands.

Over the past 20 years, Bryan has been contributing to the Tallahassee business culture at various levels. He has helped hire and mentor talent, build cutting edge products, found startups, and assisted the budding business scene in both the public and private sector. All businesses struggle with common issues and having witnessed them over and over during his active career, Bryan founded i2x Solutions in November of 2014 as a way to address these issues. i2x was built with a vision to bring this experience to organizations of all shapes, sizes and verticals.

Based on Bryan’s experience, he has built a team of highly focused individuals who not only know how to ‘do the work’, but also understand the successful methods used to drive projects to completion. With decades of cumulative consulting, management and technical experience, i2x provides solutions for organizations of any size in any industry. It all starts with putting the customer at the top of your organization and building your team around the customer. Starting with that one rule, Bryan has pushed i2x to be a business partner, focused on delivering above and beyond customer expectations. The result has been happy customers, each one ready to speak about success.

But even outside the world of i2x, Bryan finds visibility and utilizing technology important.

“Thanks to the internet, no cities or businesses are too small to be known anymore. At i2x we want to put ourselves and Tallahassee on the technology map. It could be our IT service, our apps, or our AI work, we use and push the new technologies that are literally changing the world. We build apps, we understand business and we adopt new technology, but there is always more we can do.”

Bryan actively participates in the business community by volunteering with the Chamber board committees, chairing networking groups and working with students entering the workforce. “We are all witnessing the upheaval of entire industries first-hand, watching the impact it has to workforce, wages and community” explained Bryan. “As a business owner and thoughtful citizen, I also want to pursue an active role in assisting others navigating these changing tides.”

Bryan is constantly looking for ways to use his skills to push boundaries, industries he can grow and individuals he can mentor who are striving for success, “Everyone needs a little help or a push in life. Whether it’s a recommendation for that first job or an opportunity to acquire new skills, it’s what we need at the time we need it. I can think of no better place to return the favor than in the city and surrounding areas that have shaped more than half of my life. I am proud to be a Tallahassee business owner, active Chamber member and father of a wonderful family in a truly All-American city.”

i2x Solutions is a Tallahassee-based IT consulting company providing helpdesk support, custom apps and applications, data programming and business solutions. But we are also #AI, #DeepLearning, and #Technology.