Aderant Digital Conference
i2x Solutions is a full-service business and technology consulting organization aimed at helping your business succeed. We built our company on one simple philosophy--reduce complexity with simple solutions.

With a deep and storied history in the Aderant ecosystem, we specialize in upgrades, installations, new module roll out, and customizations. We have harnessed our experience to build product offerings that provide novel solutions to routine problems. We also offer standardized services around anti-money laundering (OFAC) and other regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Whether you want to improve your business process, optimize systems integration, implement or even build a custom application, we want to help. Regardless of the size or complexity of your problem, our mantra is: ‘Challenge Accepted’.

Elevate Your Data Game

Aderant Expert contains lots of data and its not all just transactional. Loaded in that data are tons of names and addresses that relate to clients, billing, intake, and conflicts. How does that data affect your firm? How can you use that data to elevate your understanding of firm performance? These are just a few questions we will answer while talking about Bill Groups, Clients and Payors, and Name and Address data. In this video we will help identify problem areas, resolutions, best practices, and more on how to manage data collection and utilization.

Your Problems, Our Experts

Bryan gibson

Bryan Gibson

Chris Mills

Chris Mills

Tjeerd Mulder

Tjeerd Mulder